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Laminati con superficie più uniforme, curata e omogenea

The electro-galvanized sheets are made of a steel substrate to which a pure Zinc coating is applied by the electrolysis process. The goal of this process is to obtain an excellent base for painting and a product able to resist corrosion.
The quantity of applied zinc is lower, more controlled and more precise than hot-dip galvanizing, so consequently, present a more uniform, cured and homogeneous surface.

These products are used in a wide variety of applications and allow excellent workability, thanks to the remarkable adhesion of the coating to the substrate. Some of the most common applications concern the household appliance industry and electrical and electronic equipment, for shells, sides, fronts and panels of various types; in furniture, for wardrobes, shelves, shelves, cabins; in the transport and automotive sector, where the high-quality qualities are preferred for the realization of particular printed items of various kinds.

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