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1050 Excellent corrosion resistance, high deformability, thermal and electrical conductivity. High reflecting power. Particular attitude to anodic oxidation. Domestic cookware and tools, equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industry, roofing and siding in civil and industrial buildings. Electrical conductors and connection bars for power stations and substations. Anodized panels and reflectors
1050  ox Special quality for anodic oxidation Household utensils, deep-drawn parts in general, coatings, packaging material
1200 Good corrosion resistance, high plasticity, high reflecting power. Household utensils, deep-drawn parts in general, coatings, packaging material.
3004 Excellent corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good mechanical strength. Food containers
3105 Similar to 3103 alloy with higher mechanical strength. Tanks. Electro-welded tubes. Jars.
3103 High corrosion resistance, comparable to the one by 1050 with higher mechanical strength. High plasticity. Equipment for food and chemical industry. Roofing and siding for civil and industrial buildings. Food containers
 5005 High corrosion resistance and good mechanical characteristics. High plasticity and particular attitude to shaping. Equipment for chemical and food industry. Household utensils.
5005  ox Guaranteed quality for anodic oxidation Architectural and decorative applications.
5052 High corrosion resistance. Good mechanical properties and high plasticity. Particular attitude to padding. Good weldability. Irrigation pipes, antennas, supports for lighting, metal furniture. Deep-drawn parts. Recreational crafts. Parts of railway passengers coaches and freight wagons. Bulkheads, hydraulic structures and water treatment.
5754 Good mechanical resistance even in the annealed state, high corrosion resistance also to sea water. Good drawability and weldability. Watercrafts. Slip-free tread plates for car bodies and shipbuilding. Elements of middle-stressed vehicles. Welded tubes.
5154 Similar and slightly higher than alloy 5754; plasticity is a bit lower. Naval superstructures and watercrafts. Container and equipment for chemical industry. for chemical industry. Metal furniture, hydraulic applications, bulkheads, drainage systems, piping.
5083 High mechanical characteristics, good resistance to corrosion. Good weldability. Pressure vessels, cryogenic transport industry. Hydraulic engineering. Ballistic plates.
5086 High mechanical resistance and resistance to corrosion in a marine environment. Good weldability. Shipbuilding, containers, tanks. Bulkheads purification and hydraulic structures.
6082 Good formability in state T4. High mechanical resistance and good corrosion resistance. Highly stressed parts of bodies and vehicles. Backbones which needs high corrosion resistance.
7020 High mechanical resistance in state T6. Good weldability. Self-hardening alloy. Highly-stressed welded constructions. Ballistic plates.

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