We grow as a company by growing our people.

This vision is at the heart of all our efforts to make our employees feel fulfilled in their daily work. We therefore conceive the company as a place that can be felt as “ours” because we are able to contribute to give a deeper meaning to existence.

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Our company sees in culture, and the cultivation of the individual, the path to a promising future.

RESPECT RESPECT ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD From respectus perfect participle of the Latin verb respicere; re followed by spicere means "to look again", from which the expression "to have respect for someone". COURAGE COURAGE ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD From the Latin coratĭcum or also cor habeo, adjective deriving from the compound word cŏr, cŏrdis ’heart’ and from verb habere ’have’: having heart. Often used to indicate the innate strength of mind
which allows you to deal with difficult situations without suffer them; it has in itself the character of "despite".
PASSION PASSION ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD It derives both from the perfect participle of the Latin verb
pati, passus which literally means suffered, be it from the Greek πάθος (pathos) which also contains the sense of suffering, but also indicates a strong one emotion. For this reason passion indicates more in its sense a common desire, a transport of the soul; indispensable ingredient for every way of life that is considered fully lived.
OPENNESS OPENNESS ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD Dal Lat. opening, der. to open ‘open’, expresses the operation aimed at obtaining a passage, or to establish a communication from the inside to the outside (or, more generically from one space to another) and vice versa. Sometimes, with concrete meaning, that which opens, which initiates something.

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A place that can give
a deeper meaning to existence.

The Cantori company is made up of people who behave and act in full respect of shared values and business objectives. since our people are fundamental to our way of working, they are at the center of everything we do. Their professional fulfillment, the balance between work and private life, the ability to offer their own contribution as a fundamental part of the whole, are questions of maximum priority for us.

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