Cantori attends four events: Cagliari, Rome, Milan and Turin

Prestigious speakers, “Archistar” and personalities, representatives of all phases of the design and construction process of the buildings, are involved in Edilportale Tour 2018 main themes.

The goal is to inform, update and discuss the current visions of designing according to energy efficiency and anti-seismic, living comfort through methods, products and innovative technologies.
Journalists guide the events by promoting the interaction with the audience of designers, representatives of professional associations and construction companies.
Every conference includes technical speeches of the companies, which can present one or more case studies, focusing on the themes of the event.
In addition, every event sponsor company, can exhibit products and manage one-to-one technical meetings with the designers involved.
For this reason Cantori decided to attend four dates of the tour (17 April in Cagliari, May 8 in Rome, May 17 in Milan and May 30 in Turin) to present to all “industry insiders” the Q-Air system: a sustainable prefabricated glass façade system with superior performance, the result of the research and development of five international partners and of the co-financing of the European Community through the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

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